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For your lunches and your dinners do not have to worry about anything; the Millennium resort is located a few steps from the main promenade of Rimini, and close to the many restaurants and cafes that animate this area. You will have, then, a wide range of places affiliated to try to taste the real cuisine of the place; you'll have lunch with the typical piadina romagnola, dine in a charming local seafood, or enjoy an aperitif by the sea.

The typical romagna cuisine

Romagna is a land rich in culture, especially in the kitchen. Most of the typical dishes of this land have very strong traits of farmers, although a good influence comes from the sea. The true queen of the cuisine is the fresh pasta: tagliatelle, ravioli, strozzapreti and cappelletti are the protagonists of the first dishes. Among the other dishes include the fish stew, the crackling with the meat of " mora romagna and piadina, which is defined here as the food of the gods, and you can serve with meats, sausage, cheese, and sardines.

The wines of the region

The Sangiovese wine of romagna par excellence; it is a red wine, strong and full bodied and is perfect, then, for a lunch or dinner of meat. If you want to stay on the lightest wines, we recommend the Trebbiano, perfect with fish-based dishes, and l’Albana di Romagna which is a fresh wine on the nose and fruity in the mouth. Among the sweet wines of romagna, we recommend the Cagnina, great to drink in the autumn, along with the chestnuts.

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Excellent accommodation for students, families and couples. People very available and "present". Exceptional apartments. very clean accommodation, bathroom in the room. Sea at 200 meters. convenient to public transport to both Rimini and Riccione in winter.


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