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Rimini and its historic center

A famous destination of summer vacation, Rimini is also a city of art and culture. Among the best places to see, we recommend the roman monuments, like the Arch of Augustus, the roman Amphitheatre, the Tiberio Bridge, the medieval monuments, such as Palazzo dell'arengo and Palazzo del Podestà, and those of the renaissance era, such as the Malatesta Temple and Castel Sismondo. But Rimini is also a city in constant renewal, and at the moment, with many urban projects, such as the reopening of the Cinema Fulgor , and the Teatro Galli where you will be many moments of encounter and the culture, or the construction of a piazza on the water, directly overlooking the canal and over the Tiberio Bridge, the ideal place to spend serene afternoons in the open air.

The medieval villages of the hinterland

In Romagna you will find many quaint villages dating back to the middle ages or at the time of the dynasty of the Malatesta family. Among these we recommend a visit to Montegridolfo, a real military fortress and labyrinthine streets, the city of Gradara, with its passionate love story between Paolo and Francesca, Bertinoro, considered the balcony of Romagna Montefiore Conca with its curious " rocca shapes, the square and the Town where you'll find etruscan and roman remains. To visit in the Valmarecchia area, we also remember the beautiful and lively Santarcangelo, Torriana, the picturesque San Leo and Verucchio. Don't forget Urbino, a renaissance town that does not need presentations.

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